A Kodi <em><strong>tutorial</strong></em>

How to install Kodi onto a Microsoft computer


In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the Kodi App onto your Windows computer using the Microsoft Store. Unlike the Kodi – FireTV Install tutorial, there aren’t any special settings that need to be changed to get Kodi to install successfully onto your computer.
Once you have successfully installed the Kodi application onto your Windows computer, head over to our How To Install The Titanium Repo tutorial to complete the configuration of your own personal entertainment device.


For this tutorial you will need the following…

For this tutorial you will need a laptop and/or desktop computer running the Windows 10 operating system with an internet connection.
For this tutorial you will be using the Microsoft Store within Windows 10 to download and install the Kodi App onto your computer.

01 Microsoft Store

Open the Windows 10 Microsoft App Store from the taskbar. For those of you that don’t have the Microsoft App Store in your taskbar, click on the Windows Start button, then scroll down to the S section and click on the Store application.

02 Search The Store

Now that we have the Microsoft Store App open, we will now search for the Kodi application. To do this, click on the Search Bar located at the top right corner of the screen.

In the Search bar type the word Kodi. This will cause the App Store to search for anything with the key word of Kodi. The first search result should be the correct Kodi application that we will be using for this process.View the image to the right and compare it to your search results to ensure that you are downloading the correct Kodi App.

03 Get From The Store

Now that we have searched for the Kodi App in the Microsoft Store, click the GET button. View the screenshot to the left to verify.

04 Download Started

Once we click the GET button, we now have a progress bar showing us that the Kodi App is being downloaded.

Once the download has completed, the Microsoft Store will automatically begin the installation process. This is normal and you have nothing to fear here.

05 Launch Kodi

Once the Kodi Application has been downloaded and successfully installed, we will be presented with a LAUNCH button.

Now we want to click the LAUNCH button to open the application. Don’t forget to close the Microsoft Store as we have no further need for it to be open and running.


This concludes the tutorial: How To Install the Kodi App onto a Windows computer. I hope that you have found this tutorial informative and easy to follow. If you have any questions and/or comments regarding this tutorial; please post them in the comments section below.